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Staff & Sponsors

The intramural staff is here to promote activities for you the student. Without these sponsors your activity would not exist. We want you to enjoy the activity and we too want to enjoy the activity. Help us have fun by treating all sponsors/officials like a close relative (with respect). While sponsors officiate, they chose to do so to give the game a safe competitive structure. Please just play the game. It is an intramural activity, not a scholarship-pending activity.

Intramural Director:

Michael Bathan - Intramural Director                    
[email protected]   (630) 428-6000  ext 4777    
Dan Fitzgerald - Assistant Intramural Director
[email protected]     (639) 428-6000 ext 4789

Individual Intramural Sponsors

Michael Bathan - Baminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball, 3v3 Basketball, Dodge Ball, Open Gym
Dominic Piscitiello - Open Gym
Dan Fitzgerald - Baseketball, Indoor Soccer
Flag Football - Bill Casey and Mr.Haas
Rock Climbing - Alison Perryleyball: Michael Bathan
Basketball: Tim Companey/Adam Johnson/Dan Fitzgerald
7v7: Dominic Pisciticello
Main Campus Fitness Center
Fall: Chris Wingate/ ??
Winter: Chris Wingate/ Tom Trayzer
Spring: Chris Wingate/Rodney Jones
Cardio Center:
Fall:       Nick Benson
Winter:  Nick Benson/Michael Bathan/Dan Fitzgerald
Spring: Dan Fitzgerald

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