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  1. All teams must have a representative at the Captain's Meeting to be eligible to play. Dates located on registration page
  2. Each Team/Individual, depending on team sport or individual sport,  must be registered online by the due date to be eligible for competition.
  3. Each participant must bring a School ID on the day of each contest.


  • The Intramural program is open to everyone.
  • The Intramural program is entirely elective.
  • The Intramural program allows students to work on ability as well as giving recreation for leisure time.
  • The Intramural program helps the students achieve a better state of health and emotional well being.
  • The Intramural program helps promote school spirit.

  • All students participating in the Intramural program must be students of Neuqua Valley High School.
  • Membership on an interscholastic team during the Intramural season eliminates the person from competing in any Intramural activity during the same season.
  • No student may play for more than one team in the same sport.
  • All rosters will be checked for eligibility before activity begins.
  • Any student who is suspended from school may not participate in any Intramural activity. If he/she is present on school grounds, forfeiture will be the result for his/her team.
  • Any student that is removed from Intramurals for disciplinary reason must present a written appeal to the I-M director to be re-instated.

Team Eligibility
  • Names cannot be added to or deleted from the team roster after the announced deadline.
  • Any team using an illegal player will be disqualified from the sport and will forfeit games up to the point of disqualification.
  • All individuals or teams must appear w/in five minutes after the scheduled time for any contest or the contest will be forfeited.
  • Under no circumstances will forfeited games be replayed. A team that is guilty of two forfeits shall be dropped from that sport and forfeit an fees that may have been collected.

  • Intramural games and activities are scheduled to provide enjoyment, discipline, and self-control. Any participants who physically contacts an opponent or an official during a display of anger in an Intramural contest or following it will be automatically suspended from all Intramurals participation.
  • Protests involving incidents on the field or play must be made immediately following the incident to the official and Intramural Director. Protests regarding decisions of judgment are not valid.

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