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Q: How do I know when an activity is about to start?
A: The best way to find out is to check our Intramural link under activities on the NV home page or go to our website for direct link http://www.nvhsintramurals.com/. Occasionally at both campuses you will find information on a bulletin board (main campus bulletin board located across from the Trainers Room, freshman campus bulletin board location is outside the Cafeteria). Information is also on the LCD Monitors and occasionally heard over the PA system during morning announcements. PE teachers are also aware of these activities. Lastly, email Program Director Michael Bathan  or call               630.428.6000         X4777

Q: How do I get involved or sign up?
A: It is extremely important that your name/team register online prior to the due date/registration window closing. Contact Michael Bathan or see your PE teacher for further direction.

Q: What if I want to play but do not have a team?
A: Most teams are comprised of friends who are serious about playing. If you have no team formed and want to join a team sign up on-line under "registration sign ups" and click under free agent. If you are having difficulty with this process inform the program director and a team/teams will be asked if you can join.

Q: Are these sports co-ed, female or all male?
A: Teams can be comprised of anyone attending Neuqua Valley. Some teams are co-ed some are all male/female. The only exception is Boys Flag Football and Girls Powder Puff Football

Q: Are there Playoffs/Champions? REWARDS?
A: Yes, mostly all sports have Playoffs which will end in a Champion. Champions are given t-shirts and most 2nd place teams get t-shirts. Some sports even have Final 4 t-shirts

Q: What if I have a job/commitment and can’t play a game?
A: Let your Captain know in advance or inform the Sponsor so arrangements can be made.

Q: Is it competitive?
A: Our sports can be as competitive as you make them. Most participants take it serious and want to do well understanding that is it an Intramural and don’t take it any further than that. I have seen a solid level of competition in all of the activities.


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